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Abandon Ship Bag
Food and Water

Mainstay Water Ration Packet16+ - Water Packs - 125 ml each - 2 liters total (per person)

2 gallons (8 liters)+ - Supplementary Water (per person)

Fresh water is essential for survival. However, you can only pack so much in the raft and abandon ship bag themselves. Supplementary water supplies are important, even with a watermaker. Be sure that supplementary water supplies are stored in sturdy containers with watertight screw-on caps. These should float when filled, or allow sufficient air space to provide floatation. All containers should be tethered together with lanyards to ensure they are not lost.

Note that the 125 ml foil water packets supplied almost universally these days are problematic to use. Be sure to include containers (see below) to transfer the water into from the packets for ease of use and less chance of wasting this precious resource.

Katadyn Survivor-06 Watermaker1 - Katadyn PUR Survivor 06 Reverse Osmosis Manual Desalinator Pump

The only practical and reliable way to turn salt water into fresh. While much more expensive, the military model offers significant advantages. Note also that the 06 requires regular maintenance, just like the life raft. You can perform the required biocide application yourself (biocide is included when you purchase the pump), but every few years it is a good idea to have the complete pump serviced. If money and space is not a major consideration, consider a Katadyn Survivor 35 model. The difference in effort required to pump and the quantity of water delivered is significant.

1 - Water Purification - Chemical or Filter

A tiny bottle of Potable Aqua should suffice. Won't turn salt water into fresh, but will ensure freshwater is more or less safe, whether you're floating in it or you make it to shore. A filter can provide even greater protection. Also useful if the boat's freshwater supply turns foul.

S.O.S. Labs survival ration2400 kcal (10,000 kj)+ - Survival Rations (per person)

This represents approximately 3-4 day's minimal rations in temperate or tropical climes. Experience suggests that your appetite will be suppressed initially, especially so if abandonment occurs in heavy weather conditions. In colder waters you will use more energy to stay warm and therefor require more food. Energy bars and similar consumer foods are not substitutes for quality survival rations.

30 - Chewable Multi-Vitamins (per person)

2 - Graduated Drinking Cups

4 - Water Containers 1 quart/ 1 liter each

These are in addition to the supplemental water containers which might not make it on board the raft. Equipment can be packed inside hard containers to conserve space or you can use collapsible containers. All should have a screw-on cap. If a small cap is used, add a funnel to your equipment list. A zipper-lock plastic bag is not an acceptable substitute.

1 - Enema Syringe or Kit

Now we are talking about a seriously desperate situation. For hydration when water quality is unpalatable. Be sure to include lubricant. Perhaps that back-up 406Mhz EPIRB doesn't sound quite so difficult to swallow now?

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