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Acronym Finder
Do you have any idea what a BUFF is? How about what TCAS stands for? If you run into an acronym you don't know, chances are this site's database of more than 235,000 acronyms and their meanings will have the answer. They fudge a little on those which can be formed using alternate off-color language, but they are all there. Know part of the text, but can't remember the acronym? It can help with that as well.
A fascinating stroll through the history of aviation from the U.S. perspective, plus lots more. Definitely worth a visit by any aviation buff.
AOPA Aircrat Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
AOPA is the most effective advocate for general aviation pilots in the never ending battle against burdensome and stupid government regulations and bureaucratic excess. It also may be the biggest bargain in aviation. If you are not yet a member and have even the slightest interest in aviation, you should join. I don't always agree 100% with AOPA, but they have my unqualified support.
Arizona Digital Imaging Institute
Steve White is a superb and incredibly patient teacher who can explain the most difficult and confounding Photoshop and Digital Photography techniques in a manner that even I can understand. If you own a digital camera, point to shoot or SLR, and live in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, you owe it to yourself to take one of his Photoshop or Digital Photography classes.
Taking knives away from airline passengers was stupid. Screening has proved ineffective, leaving honest passengers defenseless. This organization is working to reverse these dumb regulations.
Dilbert The Dilbert Zone
Nothing funnier on the Web! Dilbert epitomizes the problems with business today and has plenty to say about our society as well, yet delivers the message with a rapier wit.
F.E. Potts' Web Outpost
A beautiful site which includes the complete contents of Potts' splendid book, "F.E. Potts' Guide To Bush Flying." This book is a "must read" for any pilot or anyone with an interest in aviation (actually, it's a good read, no matter how you feel about flying). Before you're done, you'll be aching to ditch civilization to move to Alaska and fly the bush in a Super Cub.
Great Aviation Quotes
Anyone who loves aviation will find Dave English's site a joy to peruse. If your favorite isn't yet listed, you can add it yourself. Well worth a visit.
Embarrassed to ask for directions? <g> This site generates reasonably accurate maps and directions as long as you can provide the street address for the beginning and end of your trip. Also generates street maps you can print out. Great for when traveling or just finding someplace you haven't been to before on a street you've never heard of.
Ever wonder how many grams in an ounce, how many 6 penny nails in a pound, what the time is elsewhere, etc.? These sites have conversions for nearly anything you can think of. There are calculators as well. We use them for measurement conversions for this site. (Also helpful in order to use these converter sites: a chart to convert fractions, in 32nds of an inch, to decimal equivalents)
When emailing or posting URLs (web site addresses) they are often so long it is a pain to use them and in emails they can be broken when they are very long. Use the FREE TinyURL site to shorten them up. You can aslo add TinyURL to your browser, making it very quick and easy to accomplish.
Urban Legends Reference Pages
The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Before you forward that next mass-mailed email you recieved, check it out here to find out if it's true.

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